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The Children of Time

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

An insecure young student with great immunity powers tries to save a girl with a lethal virus on a distant planet. An alien girl falls in love with him and helps him on this mission, but an enemy tries to stop him at any cost.

What mysteries are hidden beyond the stars?
While most of the youngsters are concerned with faculty, friendships and even girlfriends, Nìcholas spends his hours with his head out of orbit; literally. Making the course of Astronomy, he feels better among gaseous bodies, supernova stars and black holes, dreaming in one day to unravel the great enigmas of the Universe. Until a mysterious girl enters the classroom ... And Nícolas discovers, excited, that he finds his own star. Zara is her name, the one whose hair looks like rays of sun, the only one capable of wringing the air - and the voice - of the young protagonist of this story. And, against all possibilities, something arises between then. But do not think that this is a teenage romance like so many that you have read, because Zara, contrary to what Nícolas thinks, is not what it seems. Coming from an unknown galaxy, she has a mission: To attract Nicholas and take him to her planet, alive. At any cost.

The success of her mission depends not only on her future, but on everything she believes in ... including the future of humanity. When the truth appears, Nícolas is wrapped in a web of lies and intrigue that goes beyond everything he dreamed of. Between telekinetic powers, time gaps, and scientific data, space folds, revealing that the aliens we know are closer - and more like us - than we imagine.

Kirkus Review

Santos’ sci-fi adventure stars a college student who learns that his dream girl is on a secret mission.
Nicholas attends the University of California in Los Angeles. Classmates call him Moon Boy because he loves all things cosmic (and because he’s so pale). He learns that a class on cosmology will be offered, and he eagerly attends. Making his life even more perfect is the arrival of Zara, a redheaded freshman who recently moved from the East Coast. Zara tells him, “You should not focus on space to fulfill your dreams....Sometimes the things we wish for can be right before our eyes.” While bike riding, Nicholas finds an abandoned countryside shack. It starts pouring, and he runs inside. Lucky for Nicholas, Zara shows up on her own bike. The girl’s beauty and scent of jasmine overwhelm Nicholas, and the two kiss. After they start dating, Zara reveals that she comes from the planet Life in the Andromeda Galaxy. He thinks she’s joking until he wakes up on her spaceship, the Science II. In this optimistic sci-fi journey, Santos (O Outro Lado, 2017, etc.) raises issues of eco-awareness while also exploring the idea of alien abduction. Zara and the crew of the Science II are actually time-traveling Earth descendants from the 641st century on a mission to save King Zador II’s 7-year-old daughter, Princess Isadora, whose rare viral disease may be cured with the help of Nicholas’ indomitable immune system (containing the rare Lymphocyte N sequence). While Santos’ aliens are determined and manipulative, they gain heart while dealing with Nicholas, a soulful Everyman who craves only love and knowledge. The author’s warning—that humanity may shed many failings except its penchant for politics—is valuable indeed. Despite some grammar hiccups (“Nicholas thought that Monday would be a tedious one...with nothing different to happen”), the narrative’s spirited pace ferries readers toward a satisfying ending while setting up a sequel.
A lighthearted, endearing sci-fi romp in need of some grammatical polish.
“Kirkus Reviews”

Readers' Favorite

The Children of Time by Chaiene Santos is a futuristic, science fiction novel with plenty of thrills, mystery, and romance. Nicolas is a young college-going student studying physics, who is very interested in astronomy and the cosmos. He has never been in love until he meets the young and beautiful Zara, a new student in his college. He is instantly drawn to her, but what he does not know is that Zara is not from this planet. She is a human from the future who has come back into the past to fulfill a mission in which Nicolas is about to play an important part. When Nicolas finds out the truth, he realizes that not only is he a part of this secret mission, but his very life may be under threat from extraterrestrial beings. What happens next is a whirlwind journey of action and adventure as we plunge into the world of UFOs, aliens, black holes, worm holes, intergalactic travel, DNA and genetic manipulation, life in the universe, origin of life on earth, and much more. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Children of Time and I thought Chaiene Santos has done an excellent job in bringing life in outer space alive in a way that is very exciting. All of the characters and personalities portrayed in the novel are well drawn and relatable. Nicolas and Zara, in particular, are extremely likable and make one want to root for them. The writing is crisp and the plot keeps moving at a brisk pace that made me want to keep reading. This is a great book for sci-fi lovers or anyone interested in a fast-paced action-filled novel. I highly recommend it.