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Douglas Younker
The Christmas Socks
Who knows how our lives are woven together in such an intricate pattern as we follow our daily “to-do-list”? I am not talking about the one magnetized to the fridge door. I am thinking of a more divine list… less tangible, but no less real. This is the list of countless messages that trickle down upon us every day from Heaven above, as He prompts us to be His hands here on earth. Every once in a while, He lets us see a glimpse of the beautiful design He is weaving from the other side. If you are looking for a great story of warmth and ideas that will bring the True Spirit of Christmas into your life this is a must-read book.
Plot/Idea: 0 out of 10
Originality: 0 out of 10
Prose: 0 out of 10
Character/Execution: 0 out of 10
Overall: 0.00 out of 10


No manuscript provided.

Date Submitted: August 25, 2022