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Mahalene Louis
The Code of Opposites—Book 1
Do you have a communication issue? That is, you know what to do to be successful, but you just don’t want to do it? If language is the problem, it is also the solution. The Code of Opposites (TCO) introduces an idea whose time has come: a newly revealed metalanguage to feel the resistance, choose peace, and emPower the NOW. Language is where your Power is. To transform, you must look at the story you tell. Activating a metalanguage – a language beyond all languages – allows you to track patterns, understand the purpose of your self-limiting creations, and be able to turn them off. Cracking this code reveals depths of meaning that animate the soul of all wisdom teachings. The codes are so awesome they naturally raise your vibrational field to the sense of enough by which to resonate with oneness. Radical? Crazy? You betcha! Especially as this ancient language that came back from the future renamed itself “S/Hebrew,” to sanctify the union of the feminine and the masculine. Imagine yourself… Processing trauma by realizing that mysticism may just be the only proven track to healing. Having a unifying equation to explore the shadow, and stretch beyond fear into the sacred. Doing what it takes to raise your self-esteem, and trust yourself in your chosen calling. Moving out of “ScareCity” by being real enough to know what you want, and ask for it in such a way that you might receive it.