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Sherrie Todd-Beshore
The Count Of Baldpate/9781502340498

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

American women got the vote in 1920, but at a great cost and a century later that cost is seeking payback...When a business card belonging to CSU History Professor Hank Rule, is found on the body of a murder victim near Baldpate In, Estes Park, Colorado - the new sheriff called wanting to know why? So did Dr. Rule. With the historical element of a skull carved from coal and a 1913 fiction classic - Dr. Rule is asked to consult temporarily. However, as the investigation progresses discovering why becomes more convoluted and treacherous for everyone. Chasing clues across the country, from another century and a sly killer across Europe Dr. Rule discovers a stunning motive more ancient than written history, shaking what he thought he knew of his own chosen field...
Independent Press

2020 Distinguished Favorites - independent Press Award