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Sherrie Todd-Beshore
The Crow Child/9781505318661
Trilogy: PART 1: "The Crow Child" - Irish and Indigenous, 13-year-old Elijah Clearwater is growing up on a small Alberta farm with his grandfather. He's also growing up with Cystic Fibrosis, he's the shortest in his class and dealing with a school bully, so perhaps the least likely superhero ever or perhaps an ancient legend is true...PART 2:"Thanksgiving In Saint Louis" - Five months after his 14th birthday Elijah gets a letter from an Aunt Mary he didn't know he had, inviting him to spend American Thanksgiving with her in Alexandria, Virginia, but a snow storm in Colorado redirects his connecting flight and to a 2nd test in the evolution of Crow Child's gifts...PART 3 "The Sound Of Rain" - Turning 15 in hospital Elijah worries with a threat of surgery. A returning terrorist group threatens a global cycle of destruction forcing Elijah to rally as Crow Child to face his duty and a 3rd test using his remarkable range of fully developed abilities...
Story Monsters Ink Magazine

2019 - Purple Dragon Book Award - for children's literature