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The Curse of Antonia Arco
Maxima Runo, author
IN A REMOTE CASTLE, COUNTESS ANTONIA ARCO, AN IMMORTAL CREATURE, SEEKS A WAY TO BREAK A CURSE. The ancient family Arco has moved in the shadows for ages, away from the eyes of the general public. Each member of the family more depraved than the next; they live an alien existence of brutality and sinister quests. The Curse of Antonia Arco focuses on the beginning of the epic love story between Clara Gentile and Antonia Arco. The story starts with Clara arriving at the Northern Arco castle and quickly evolves into a passionate romance between the two women. From the beginning, it becomes clear that a singular obsession dictates Clara’s life, making Antonia fall in love with her. The arrival of the Arco family members disturbs the lovers’ journey and reveals a new side to Antonia. Clara begins to question her obsession, all the while trying to conceal her own ulterior motives. As the monsters of the night are revealed by the light of day, Clara realises there might not be a middle ground. She must choose between love and morality.