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John Milor
Author, Illustrator
The Dark World Paradox
John Milor, author
The Nejah, aka Bigfoot, are actually a highly advanced, trans-dimensional species, not native to this world. They've been here for so long, they abandoned any hope of returning to their home world long ago. But Jerar has different plans. He's inspired by the legends of old, that speak of the glory of Torvadomus. Driven by an unyielding compulsion, Jerar parts from his clan in an epic quest. It is by faith, that he summons Yokuru from a distant galaxy. Is she an extraterrestrial, or an angel? Yes, sort of. Her home world is what Earth would've been like, had Adam and Eve never sinned. When the deceiver arrived at their world, they unanimously voted him off the island! According to Jim, a search and rescue pilot Yokuru nearly kills when entering Earth's atmosphere, he finds her unique perspective of Earth, and the descriptions of her home world, far more alien that anything he could have imagined. He is frequently reminded by Yokuru, that it is his own perception that is backward, not hers. Yokuru hopes to quietly descend into Earth's upper atmosphere and enter this dimension undetected. Her mission is simple; fetch Jerar, and take him to Torvadomus. But Earth is complicated; it's a quarantined planet, aka Dark World, with many otherworldly factions, all with their own agendas, and nothing is as it seems.