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Cindy Kehagiaras
The Dasher
Lisa Tennent is the heiress of the “Tennent Surf Company” dynasty, and it’s about to go under. Her father, the patriarch, has disappeared, her brother is a lazy HIMBO, her debutante mother is uninterested, and her uncle just mansplained her--again. None of them will right the sinking ship; she has to do it herself. Thankfully, Jason Mattis, the legendary “Zen Shredder,” is back in Huntington Beach after twenty years and wants to help. Ben’s new brother-in-law, the three-time world champion surfer Jason Mattis, has just made Ben an offer he can’t refuse. He’ll work as his assistant, and Jason will pay off his debts. That includes saving his former sponsor “Tennent Surf Company” and Lisa Tennent, who is in a familiar emotional and mental health crisis. Ben knows all about Lisa's frustration and anger and makes it his mission to be the friend and lover she needs. Only she doesn’t know it yet. “The Dasher” is a friends-to-lovers, single father, over 40 romance sequel to “The Perpetual”-with GenX pop culture references and lessons in self-love as we age.