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The Dawn Thief
Amelia Thorn, author
Outside of an astoundingly large population of rats, roaches and rejects, most wouldn't consider Cresvy to be a place of particular interest. A concrete jungle pressed against a wind battered coast, if the smell didn't ward off a sane man the people inevitably would, for even the citizens would prefer to be just about anywhere else. In short, an onlooker would likely be deemed wise for fleeing from the forgotten little borough, though not solely on the basis of concerns regarding hygiene or a mugging. For the little town of Cresvy is home to hell incarnate. There monsters aren't the creatures that lurk in the shadows and prowl dark street corners, but is a tangible and dangerous beast hidden by a convincing form, easily mistaken for a neighbour, a friend, an ally. Less a wolf disguised by sheepskin, but the devil parading in human flesh. For the past 17 years, Silas has spent his nights in a cell and his days in chains. A monster and an outcast who has had it ingrained into him that his very existence was a danger to everyone he loves. Left alive by virtue of the fact that his dangers can be bound, his fangs rendered dull and his beast tamed, but the life he is permitted is a pitiful one. And a history painted with blood and riddled with tragedy has done little but convince him that this is the truth, and that his fate is one he has earned. When a day meant for celebration and excitement ends in massacre, the monster might become the saviour. With war on the horizon, he will have the chance to secure the peace his Kingdom has earned through bloodshed, death and tears. But between him and salvation, a war torn country and a rebellion desperate to spark war. Will Silas earn his freedom once and for all, or will he only turn out to be the monster his kingdom have always feared him to be.