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The DeathReaper
Freya Daree, author

Nineteen-year-old Amelie Weathers wishes she could live like a normal girl, yet each day she is reminded of what will never be. In the world of Indivix Corp, powers dictate your entire life—from your job, to how people perceive you—and with Amelie’s uniquely dangerous indiviym, she would be executed on the spot if her secret was revealed. 

Still, it grows increasingly difficult to stay in the shadows. When she meets runaway scientist Kane Blackwell, forces beyond her control drive her into the limelight. An evil led by an Omniviym named Alexander Kord will stop at nothing to level and corrupt major cities across the country. Under Kane’s guidance and instruction, Amelie must awaken the powerful indiviym within her to protect the world from the evils that are crawling to the surface.