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Patrick Harris
The Defenders of Dembroch - Book 3 - The Widow's War
Death and chaos have found their way to Dembroch. When all seemed lost, the Arx allied together to save Sir Nicholas from the King’s Killer. Many warriors were lost, but the future king was returned to the safest shores of Dembroch - as was a monster. Deep within Sir Nicholas laid the dreaded monster Necrosis. Its might is legendary, its will unstoppable. And it’s loose. Within the night, it could destroy Dembroch completely and it will only stop when the world is in ruin. So begins the race against time to save Dembroch, the Arx, and, truly, the world. Everyone has their own ways. The queen’s crown is put on trial. Meghan, Page Trey, and their new allies - and enemies - scavenge the inner sanctums of the Horror Hollow and its lethal beasts. Jenn and Clay risk all to mend their marriage and repair the seer’s Sight. Nick faces the trinity trials for the throne and a perilous choice only he can make. All is revealed: Merlin and mages, pillars and pirates, love and loss. And all the while, the King’s Killer creeps ever closer to Dembroch to settle the final question: Who will win the Widow's War? Dive in, if you dare, to Author Patrick Harris’ heartbreaking, soulful, and epic conclusion to the Defenders of Dembroch.