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The Devil's Workshop (ISBN-10: 1732103003
Two young lovers are called on to save the world. Tom and Katie have drunk a love potion and were devoted to one another when Tom embarked on the voyage that would make his fortune. But then Deirdre, Queen of the Witches, struck a blow meant to destroy the civilization of the Coast. Now Tom must overcome rebellious slaves, savage Indians and bloodthirsty pirates to be reunited with Katie. And little do the lovers know, but they hold the secret to defeating Deirdre's schemes. Long before, Katie's mother Melinda, Mistress of the Shuddering Moon, had carefully prepared for this eventuality. But when Tom is captured by pirates and Katie loses hope that he is still alive there appears to be nothing stopping Deirdre from reducing the world to savagery. The Devil's Workshop is a book that has great characterization, beautiful prose, some philosophy/symbolism, an in-depth world that reveals itself naturally, combines the scale and intensity of epic fantasy with the plotting/drama of mystery, realism that doesn't take away from the fantastical world, morally gray characters (that aren't completely reprehensible), healthy romance, elements of both comedy and tragedy, and an actual conclusion. Literate, fantastical, magnificently metaphysical and playing for the highest stakes, The Devil's Workshop is an epic adventure in the tradition of Gene Wolfe and John Crowley.
Andrew D. Gracey, Author of the Dust and the Dark Places

"The Devil's Workshop by Donnally Miller . . . is an exceptional and brilliant book from the very start to the very last page. I have read many books by indie authors and nothing quite compares to this. It is compelling and imaginative, and one of the best indie reads that I have read . . . I found the text extremely accessible and the philosophical aspects enjoyable . . . Miller's writing style is captivating . . . His descriptions are well-worded and imaginative, and he gives us enough broad strokes to allow us to paint the picture beautifully . . . I cannot fault the quality of the writing; it is brilliant . . . We meet Tom and Katie, the main characters, as well as pirates, slaves, indians, the mysterious Mr. X, police officers, and the hilarious Colophus with his crazy ideas about where the brain lies. There are dozens of characters and each one is well written and likeable from the moment that they are introduced. Miller seems to have a way of making characterization look easy, and, combined with his sentence structure and descriptions, he really brings them to life.  The plot . . .  is a joy to read. We move seamlessly from event to event, from travelling on boats to being eaten by sea monsters, and the action scenes are concise and bloody enough to make sure that the pacing is just right . . . the philosophical aspects . . . are lofty in subject matter but they are not overly long . . . they add to the narrative rather than bog down the story.

Kirkus Reviews

In Tom and Katie, Miller delivers fully developed protagonists in whom readers can become invested. . . the author offers crackling dialogue

Night Reader Reviews

If there were ever a book that deserves to be torn apart (and I mean that in the best possible sense) and be studied in depth to have all the hidden meanings exposed this is it. . . . I enjoyed how all the characters seem to cross paths at one point or another in ways that are  more natural than forced by the author. All the trials that Tom and Katie are willing to endure in an attempt to see each other again restore a person's faith in humanity and love. At the same time, the book forces the reader to question just what is love and why will we go to the ends of the Earth for it .. . I rate this book to be a perfect 4 out of 4. . . . There is a wonderful plotline and a beautiful love story (thankfully not a mushy one) that takes place throughout the book if readers are willing to take their time and loo

The Magic Book Corner

It is extremely imaginative, with a diverse and downright stunning character pool, written in a masterful hand by a clearly talented writer. It deals with crazy concepts, weird circumstances and philosophical musings that range from deep and meaningful to apparently absurd . . . If books like Anathem are high on your list of favourites, you'll probably love this one too