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Michael Handy
The Dread Room

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an abandoned house with a haunted, windowless room.

Kate and Derrick have just bought their first home in the sleepy town of Millston, MA. The previous owners of the house mysteriously vanished years ago, abandoning the home to foreclosure. Ready to give the house a new life, the young couple soon realize not all is as it seems. There’s a room on the first floor of the house that has been kept sealed away for decades. An odd, dusty little room without windows. A shadowy, disused space that’s somehow colder than the rest of the house. And what about that strange smell? It’s not the dust, but something deeper underneath. Something ominous and threatening. Bad things have happened in this room, and what’s been left in its wake is an overwhelming sense of loss and despair. Welcome to The Dread Room.

Strange noises and eerie sensations soon begin to emanate from the room, inexplicably centered around Kate. Is she losing her mind? Or does she have a latent psychic ability that allows her to detect such phenomena? Plagued by terrible visions and horrific apparitions, Kate becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the Dread Room and what happened to the house’s previous inhabitants. But the deeper Kate digs, the more things seem to escalate. Are the Dread Room spirits trying to hurt her and Derrick, or are they merely crying out for help? With their new home and her very sanity on the line, Kate needs to find the answer–no matter how sinister it may be–before the Dread Room drags her into the darkness for good.