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Tammy Andresen
The Duke Who Dared
What if the Ugly Duckling decided that what she wished for most was revenge? A woman like Lady Aubrey Featherington should know better than to dare a duke… But what if she dared him anyway? “You wouldn’t,” I fired at him, notching my chin higher as I balled my fists into my skirts. “Oh princess…” He stares back at me with a heat that threatens to melt my bones. “You ought to know by now I would and will.” Challenging the sixth Duke of Westgate was a risk. But in this glittering court of opulence there is only one thing that shines brighter than this man: the Rivermore Diamond. A blue diamond of the finest quality, a gift from the Marquess of Cintwell to Aubrey’s mother upon her inconvenient entrance into the world. By right and birth, the glittering stone belongs to Aubrey and she’ll have it back no matter the price. Westgate with his piercing blue eyes and his rakish grin can go the devil. Then again, after what she’s about to do, perhaps she’s the one who is going to Hades…