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The Earth's Daughter
Riya Mangal, author
Sita in Exile is a feminist Ramayana retelling for fans of Circe, Spinning Silver and Keikeyi. Budding scientist Sita wants to save her kingdom by isolating goodness in a lab, but she also wants a family all her own. When she marries into Prince Rama’s growing empire, her hands are full convincing him to let her have a seat on the court. After they are exiled to the forest, Rama seems won over by Sita’s ease in the eerie atmosphere – it seems as though exile is just what Sita needed. That is, until she’s kidnapped by Rama’s fiercest enemy, the feminist and gorgeous king Ravana, who opens her eyes to an anti-imperialist struggle that sees Rama’s ‘united peace’ as a mere mask for colonial oppression. Perhaps everything she’s been taught about governance has been a lie… but what does she owe her husband, the idea of family, and the sense of belonging she’s fought for all along?