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Bobby Frank
The Edge of the Sticker
Have you ever tried peeling a sticker off your car? You probably start by looking for a corner that’s raised just enough to get your fingernail underneath. Once you’ve got that edge, though, you can gently pull it away. Sometimes the sticker comes right off with one satisfying tug. Sometimes it tears or separates and you have to start over. Either way, the process begins by getting the edge of the sticker. The same idea applies when life gets sticky. Life is stressful and everyone feels anxious or depressed at times, even people who appear to have it all under control. While it’s easy to get stuck and feel like there’s no way out, the path to feeling better begins by getting an edge, slowly pulling and changing course as life shifts underneath you. The Edge of the Sticker was inspired by the collective psychological struggles we all faced during the pandemic. It tested our grit and resolve, and it proved that we could adapt even when faced with crushing uncertainty. This book brings together some of the lessons we learned from Covid with strategies developed over nearly 30 years of providing psychotherapy for mental health challenges of all kinds.