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The Eighteen Years That Didn't Change Anything
Enrico Tesla, author
The book that I wrote is a mixture of personal experiences and reflections on the nature of life and human history. It is divided into four chapters: •\tIntroduction •\tSummer of 1999 •\tSummer of 2017 •\tConclusion Introduction. This section deals with the purpose and the dynamic of life. It starts with the acknowledgement that the only scientific objective to life is procreation. It carries on by singling out natural selection as the main law that regulates its development. This rule brings upon life a status of continuous contention, both inter- and intra- species. Culture - intended as any elaboration of Nature produced by human beings – is the particular tool that mankind has devised to fight this struggle. Its creation has completely changed the environment in which humans live in. This, in turn, has transformed the set of skills that individuals need to own to survive and prosper. Summer of 1999. This part tells the story of my experience as a student in the city of Bologna in Italy at the end of the Nineties. It presents myself as a non-popular student conducting quite a marginal and unsatisfactory life. In the summer of 1999, I try to break my isolation assuming a more aggressive approach in my relationship with others. This leads to myself being involved in a physical fight that I, eventually, lose. This episode firmly terminated all my aspirations of that summer and plunges me in a deep psychological pain. It follows a thorough analysis of myself and my prospects. I conclude my skills and my capacities were not sufficient to carry myself to success. Nevertheless, I still have hopes for future accomplishments and I hatch a life- strategy to seize them. Summer of 2017. In the summer of 2004, I leave Italy for England. Here I start a career in accounting that leads me to assume a management position by 2014. At the end of 2016, I meet Ms S. with whom I initiate a romantic relationship. After a promising beginning, Ms S.’s feelings for myself quickly fade until she eventually leaves me in the summer of 2017. This causes a deep pain to myself, similar to the one I had already experienced in the summer of 1999. During the period we were together, Ms S. met my manager. Now, after she had left me, I start to suspect they are together. This prospective is very troublesome to me. I query him directly. He denies it; however, I don’t trust him. At work, I start to observe everything he does looking for clues. I arrange a stake out in my ex- girlfriend’s area. I set up a series of tests to verify my hypothesis. In the end, none of my attempts accomplish a definitive outcome. Conclusions. This section summaries and develops some of the main thesis of my book. It starts off declaring the law of Natural Selection as the rightful lens to analyse and interpret both individual experiences as well as the entire human history. From the concept of Culture as a tool, I proceed to divide it in three main categories: Science and Technology, Morality and Law, Art. Morality and Law develops with the environment. This implies it has a relativistic character together with its internal concepts of Good and Evil. Finally, from the acknowledgement that Culture is a proceeding of Nature, it is deducted that Nature is the sole Entity. This opens the door to the definition of a new metaphysics.