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Kem Richards
The End of May
Kem Richards, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

The cost of living a lavish lifestyle is high, and Marcella's determined to succeed. What does a girl from Ohio with nothing to lose do to survive in New York City? Welcome to her world of sex, drugs, and toxic relationships.

Chick Lit Café

This an amazing, must-read story about the demise and rise of Marcella "Marcy" Burke––a woman chasing her dreams in New York City. Marcy’s life seems like a dream. Everything's perfect––the perfect partner, career, and best friend. Upon arrival in NYC, her determination lands her the job she wants. Eventually, everything comes tumbling down soon after and Marcy must find a way to survive. Her friend Vicky, an illusive, mysterious escort, introduces Marcy to the dark side of the city. She begins losing herself––pushing boundaries and subsequently neglecting her moral code. The author's expressive writing style invites readers into Marcy’s intimate thoughts as she begins her life in New York City and works to attain her dream. The romantic thread woven into the story is realistic as it reveals a flawed woman who slowly learns what’s most important to her in a significant other. The glitz and glamour of New York City is contrasted sharply to its darker side introducing a dynamic twist in this remarkable story that marks the change in Marcy’s life. Though beaten down many times, Marcy continues to fight to survive. In the process, she learns to forgive and move forward before finding her intended path. What a fascinating and captivating read! A truly inspiring story with a delightful romance strand. The End of May by Kem Richards is certainly creative and unique.

LoveReading UK

"Fans of Sex and the City and those wanting to suspend disbelief to enjoy a easy, drama-filled read set in New York City will no doubt enjoy this novel."The first year living in the Big Apple is filled with ups and downs for Marcy Burke Opening with a doe-eyed, hope-filled Marcy on her first day living in New York ‘The End of May’ by Kem Richards takes us through the ups and downs of her first year in the city. The loves and the break-ups, the miraculously stumbled into dream jobs and falls from grace, fallouts, and friendships are all held within the story. I didn’t personally warm to Marcy, but she is a confident, sure-of-herself female character that is driven in her career and personal life. When things start to crumble, she shows she is a survivor, going against some of her morals in order to keep her head above water. The story flows well, Marcy’s enjoyment of sex and certain plot points lead to mature themes appearing throughout the novel, but not in a way that’s too steamy or detailed. There are also one, maybe two, instances of abuse that are handled with a similar light touch. Fans of Sex and the City and those wanting to suspend disbelief to enjoy an easy, drama-filled read set in New York City will no doubt enjoy this novel.

--Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

Online Book Club

The End of May by Kem Richards is a compassionate fiction story that describes a lifestyle of abusive relationships, drugs, and prostitution. Marcella Burke moved from Ohio to New York City to start her life; she was to stay with her boyfriend, Luke. A few days after arriving in New York, her best friend, Jessica, visited her. Marcy and Jess went to 230 Fifth, where Marcy met David. They both shared chemistry, and affection began to flow as they chatted. David networked with Marcy to secure a job at Vogue with Mrs. Price. This was the beginning of Marcy's escapades in New York City. Find out in this book what these escapades were and how she fared.

I like the plot development and writing pace. The turn between Marcy and Luke was expected, but I didn't see Rafael Leon coming into the picture either. Maybe because he shared so many traits with her father, but sad enough, she lost her father. Marcella's courage after being denied the job at Vogue was intriguing. She was resolute in proving her worth to Mrs. Price. Courage is the virtue that gave her a second chance. The author is well-detailed in his explanations and provides adequate information to support every incident. I like the author's approach to selecting titles for each chapter; the titles reflect what to expect from the chapter. The story's conclusion is well organized and shows a great deal of rehabilitation.

Although I wouldn't say I liked the event that played out between Marcy and Luke when Abby accompanied her to Luke’s apartment, it is not enough to strike out the story's uniqueness. 

The book was professionally edited and is such an exciting read and I rate it five out of five stars. Marcy made a lot of mistakes, and those choices affected her life and career. Her story is a good read for both young and adult readers. I recommend the book to fiction romance lovers and anyone interested in reading an exciting narrative. 

The Book Commentary

The End of May by Kem Richards gives a stunning portrait of the fall and rise of a woman, Marcella ''Marcy'' Burke, a story that is as spellbinding as it is emotionally gripping. She is a young woman from Ohio who moves to New York City to pursue her dreams, and everything seems to work perfectly well for her as she moves in with Luke, her partner. They live in a penthouse in one of the lush neighborhoods in the city. She lands her dream job in the fashion industry and is set to climb the corporate ladder. But as she is getting ready to take bolder steps, everything comes crashing down. But Marcy can't lose the life she has dreamed about for so long. Her friend Vicky introduces her to the underbelly of New York City and the world of escort services. Marcy is determined to succeed, but is she willing to compromise her moral code in the name of success?

This is a gripping tale with resonant themes and a setting that is vividly drawn. The protagonist is deeply flawed. From the outside, she is a respectable woman with bold dreams for the future, but she must negotiate the path she walks to achieve those dreams. Her relationship with Vicky will change her life and perspective in many ways. The author does a remarkable job of contrasting the beauty and pomp of New York City with the bad side of it, making the setting an intriguing and exciting world to navigate. The author is relentless in the portrayal of the beauty of New York City, which is so different from the obscene world that makes up its underbelly. The protagonist is a multilayered character who must deal with challenging choices, navigate complex relationships, and discern what she really wants from a partner. Some descriptions are raw, but Kem Richards makes sure that readers feel the scenes, experience the dazzling sights, and plunge into the underworld of his characters, especially Marcy. This author succeeds at capturing the raw, restless energy and despair of a woman whose eyes are fixed on success. The entertainment this book offers will hardly disappoint any keen reader.