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Tayyib Tayyib
Author, Illustrator
The Evil Within Us: Evolution of Social Systems & the Ideal State

Adult; Political & Social Sciences; (Market)

In our world of nuclear weapons, global warming and an uncertain future for mankind, the US, among others, has developed economic and military conflicts with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria and Palestine. In this atmosphere, we tend to forget what unites us. What is the "Goodness" that has created large communities living together in peace and relative harmony? How has the "Evil" of violence and exploitation been progressively suppressed over our long evolutionary history? In this brief but comprehensive analysis of economic, social and political history of mankind, the author investigates the development of tribes, nations and multinational states to determine what kind of a country/state would satisfy the needs and desires of human beings at this time, based on our current knowledge of physical, social and life sciences. In this process, the following important questions are dealt with:

  • How does Freud’s theory of human personality and Darwin’s theory of evolution, explain the existence of, basically, two classes in our societies? Why can’t we control the blind greed of some among us – leading to violence, intrigue and exploitation?
  • Why can’t we create a peaceful world with happiness for all, while our desire for such a world is progressively becoming more urgent?
  • Why is social and economic inequality rising in our societies?
  • What is real democracy? People parade through polling booths, hoping for better lives for themselves and for others. Their hopes never seem to materialize. Why?
  • Is the world splitting up into a multi-polar world of economic and political super-states?
  • What motivates creation and maintenance of empires? What are the imperial powers of the present? Why do wars occur?
  • How is globalization shifting the balance of power from the West to the East? In the conflict between the US and China, what lies ahead in the future?
  • What should be the political structure of an ideal state? What policies should it pursue? Is the desire for fraternity, equality and freedom still alive?
Formats & Distributers

This book has been published in three formats - Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle. Paperback and Kindle versions are available through Amazon and the Hardcover version through Ingramspark. My website url is where an extended excerpt, not included in the "look inside" facility at Amazon websites, is also included.