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Roxana Arama
The Exiled Queen
Roxana Arama, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

A young queen fights to unite her nation against the invading armies of the Roman Empire.

Rich and rousing, this memorable historical fantasy explores the hardships and lack of power a woman can endure even when she seems to be at the top of the hierarchy. Princess Andrada of the Andori tribe begins her apprenticeship to serve a father, King Cothelas, that she has only met in passing for most of her childhood. After her 18th birthday she is tasked with the King's Challenge to secure her place as queen when her father passes away, an honor and title that only one other woman has held. It’s also one her father's subordinates believe no woman is worthy of. The king himself eventually intercedes, marrying her off to a King Nicetas of the Carpi tribe, with the provision that Nicetas will grant King Cothelas the couple’s firstborn son. Exiled Andrada is forced to watch her birthright, her kingdom, and her legacy from afar.

Arama (Extreme Vetting) creates an imaginative world and kingdom that weaves in realistic themes of life as a royal, the duties of heirs, and the violence of war. Incorporating fantastical elements of ritual magic, supernatural deities, and a mystical bell, The Exiled Queen is a sweeping narrative of a young woman grasping for the love of a father she has never really known and her deep desire to fulfill her responsibilities as heir to a kingdom struggling to hold on to power. Looming over all of the tribal power struggles, of course, is the greatest of threats: the Roman Empire.

"I can't be a queen and have no scars," Andrada laments of her duty. In a story of betrayal, secrets, and sacred responsibility, one princess is at the center of it all. Readers who enjoy historical fiction, royal drama, and fantasy elements will be riveted by this chronicling narrative. Told from multiple engaging points of view, The Exiled Queen will thrill fantasy readers who favor strong women who find a way to take their own power.

Takeaway: Memorable historical fantasy of a princess turned queen claiming back her power.

Comparable Titles: Vanessa Riley's Queen of Exiles, Nancy Goldstone's The Lady Queen.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A