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The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You
Simone Knego, Author
Do you wake up every day feeling like you’re going through the motions, that the hundreds of choices you make have almost no impact on the people around you? Many motivational books will tell you that in order to better the world, you must first better yourself. But you really only need to change the way you see yourself and the world around you will change. What you do every day matters and inspires others. By sharing your story, you can motivate and encourage those around you—and in doing so, change the world. Everyone has a story, and in The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, Simone Knego takes you inside her unique journey and the extraordinary moments which have shaped her life and defined her mission. Sharing the lessons she’s learned from life’s ups, downs, and laugh-out-loud moments, you’ll be inspired to discover your own journey, and to go out into the world and be the good. The world is waiting for the Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, and you already have everything you need to get started, simply by being you.
Knego, a former elementary school teacher and mother of six, debuts with an exuberant testament to the ways positivity, curiosity, and self-reflection can help one discover purpose in life. Knego draws on her experiences with adoption, career changes, and raising a large family to distill hard-won lessons on how to effect positive change in others. For instance, after adopting a baby from South Korea, Knego and her eldest son learned the value of patience as they tried to quell the baby’s incessant crying. Later, when Knego and her two biological daughters traveled to Ethiopia to pick up the newest members of the family, her daughters’ perplexed reactions to Ethiopian culture sparked Knego’s realization that she “didn’t spend enough time discussing diversity” with her children or “exposing them to the world.” Knego used the occasion to teach her biological children about diversity, which she describes as “the ability to understand that people are going to be different than you, and to respect them for that.” Knego encourages readers to embrace the ability to change lives, be authentic, and remember that “you don’t have to change the world, just your corner of it.” While most of Knego’s advice is boilerplate, her life experiences serve as a testament to the power of maintaining an open-mind while pursuing one’s passions. (Self-published)