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The Family Caregiver's Guide: How to Care for a Loved One at Home
Caring for a loved one at home. What's really involved? Tens of millions of Americans have asked this question. The Family Caregiver's Guide fills in the gaps, connecting the dots between real life and research. Drawing upon the author's 19 years of caregiving experience, this book provides strategies to care for your loved one, inside and out. Caregiving has its challenges and rewards. Through it all, you'll discover that caregiving is love in action.
Adrienne Gruberg, President and Founder of The Caregiver Space website

Harriet's latest work is gounded in an honest approach to the full spectrum of what it takes to care. Her focus on the daily realities caregivers have to contend with is a refreshing perspective and one that caregivers at any stage could benefit from reading.