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Joanne Wilshin
The Findlings: A novel based on a real event
Four young siblings destined for talented lives become separated in horrid drowning incident. One sibling, Anna, takes it upon herself to reunite the other three once they're adults by leading them to their birthmother. While Delilah and Victor search to no avail, Bibi, the radio-head sibling most capable of finding their birthmother, refuses to do so based on myriad logical reasons. But Anna pins her hopes on Bibi, providing esoteric clues Bibi can't ignore, which culminates in her opening a box of letter and photographs, including letters written by her birth mother Grace. Simultaneously, Delilah invests in a detective to find Victor, and Victor struggles to find himself. The question for the reader: Who actually finds Grace? The true event anchoring this work of fiction is: The morning Bibi meets her birth mother for the first time in thirty years. With a multi-generational cast of characters, The Findlings explore the themes of family, fate, hope, and truth.