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The First Lights of Eventide: A Mystical Journey Through Time
Jaye Burke, author

Can an old Southern legend be discovered without mystical intervention?

Enter the enchanted world of the ‘mystical eventide,’ where an esteemed historian will prove that fiction can become fact and will confirm something theoretically impossible.

Alabama 2016

For Dr. Neely Shaw, countryside outings just might pay off one day—not monetarily, but historically. As the senior project reviewer for the Alabama Commission of Major Historical Sites, Neely spends most of her Sundays combing Alabama back roads for long-forgotten relics and new sites to explore. When Neely stumbles upon the remains of an old farmhouse covered in overgrown vines and dense brush, she stops to investigate. Inside, she discovers a brittle and tattered envelope with a handwritten letter dated 1907, nominating an unknown hotel for the National Register of Historic Places. But how could this be since the National Register wasn’t in existence in 1907?

In this story of the mystique of 'Enchanted Eventide,' bestselling author Jaye Burke returns with a novel about time travel, the supernatural, mystery, romance, and vivid descriptions of rural Alabama's spectacular beauty.