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Tracy Traynor
The Fisherman's Wife: Love & Murder in Pirates Cove

Adult; Romance; (Market)

1727. A wife with an oppressive husband. A pirate trapped by circumstance. Together they must face their fears and make a break for freedom. When Connie’s parents died, rather than become homeless she accepted a proposal from a fisherman known for his temper. After seven years of marriage and still childless, she is labeled cursed. Her drunken husband brutally punishes her for her failings and Connie retreats into a world of her own. Seeking his fortune, Eddie finds himself becoming an unwilling pirate. With no way out of Captain Hawkins’ clutches, he concentrates on amassing funds to one day buy his freedom. A harsh life takes its toll on a gentle spirit, and he begins to lose himself in the bloodthirsty life of a pirate. A violent tempest throws hope into both their lives when Eddie is shipwrecked in the fishing bay of Bigbury-on-Sea and ends up on Connie’s beach. Will the two of them take their chance at happiness, and if they do, can they outrun the men who want them dead? A thrilling historical romance novel, The Fisherman’s Wife is a gripping atmospheric love story!