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The Flip-side Of A Bowl : Gaijin In Japan
This story is based on the life of a non-native citizen or gaijin – the categorical name given to foreigners in Japan – living in Japan. To understand more about what actually transpired in the life of the lead character in Flip Side, one only need to travel to the east or Asia, where many of the regimes are run like a democracy but without the freedom one would enjoy in western countries. When David, the lead character in “Flip Side”, decided to move to Japan to live in the early '90s, he was filled with a full tank of raw expectations and dreams to pursue a career in Electronic Engineering. Also, he was hoping to get a chance to practice Martial Arts with some of the greatest grandmasters in the world who are based here. However, he soon ran into the Flip Side of doing business, family - kids and schools, and social environment - relationships. Jog through the lead character's experiences for a first hand account of the hurdles that were advertently placed in his path as a non-native citizen living in Japan and how hemanaged to overcome them