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patrick barrins
The Foundation
Elizabeth sensed danger from those that were supposed to protect her. What would it be like to live in a world where Power and success were all that mattered? Where the elderly and disabled became a burden on society. Where Draconian laws were passed to eradicate the problem. A country where good people, destroyed for challenging the morality of extreme government measures. All she ever wanted was to be loved and valued by her carer. Diana cherished that role and was prepared to do anything to protect her disabled friend. Then Sarah intervened. She thirsted for fame and money and hated Diana for her total commitment to her dependent sibling. Would she destroy her to pursue her dream? Even if that meant murder. Dr Vanderman was a narcissist who had created ‘The Foundation’ to provide End of Life care for his wealthy clientele. But what was really going on inside this secure compound.? The Mayor of Marseille was a man with a violent past and he was determined to meet Dr Vanderman.… A Health Minister who had a secret that she could no longer hide. The search for Elizabeth begins on a remote Scottish peninsula. Elizabeth woke up to that world.