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The Galadima Conspiracy
Dan Abubakar, author
President Galadima of Nigeria has disappeared. He's in a hospital in Saudi Arabia receiving treatment where he dies but his death must remain a secret. Aspiring New York based blogger Dele Pearce is made privy to this secret but when he reports the death he becomes the target of a nefarious psychotic assassin who will stop at nothing to see him dead. Leah Givens, an ex-CIA agent now transporter living in London is contracted to transport very sensitive information in a flash disk but when the disk is stolen from her, not only must Leah retrieve it, she must also go after a dangerous nemesis from her past. High stakes and international intrigue as former CIA agent Leah Givens and blogger Dele Pearce race against the clock to thwart the destructive plans of a powerful group of people while trying to stay alive and uncover an unlikely scheme to keep a dead president in office.