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The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire

It is 1964 and Charlotte is about to realize her dream—a year abroad in Paris studying French. Crossing the Atlantic on the S.S. United States, she meets Paul, an American traveling to London to study law. Although Paul thinks their relationship is something special when they travel to Spain together over the winter holidays, Charlotte just considers him a good friend.

In Paris, Charlotte meets Jean-Luc, a medical student. He is charming, good-looking and sexy. During the summer before her return to the U.S., she moves into his garret apartment. Shortly before she leaves France, Jean-Luc proposes marriage. Charlotte is ecstatic. That is, until he tells her that in France it is not uncommon for husbands to have a mistress on the side. Although he promises fidelity, Charlotte remembers her philandering father who cheated on and then divorced her mother. Haunted by her mother’s tears, Charlotte is torn. Should she marry Jean-Luc and trust their love will be strong enough to ensure his fidelity? Or should she reject the proposal of the man she loves and marry someone more trustworthy, like Paul?