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Johanna Frank
The Gatekeeper's Descendants

Once upon a time, there was a curse.

Hesitant to enter the kingdom, spirited and stubborn Pipiera grudgingly accepts a task to save some earth-dwelling boy named Matthew from sabotaging his own future. Challenged with the pull of an obsessive emotion from her past life, she’s unequipped to handle the mission, let alone discern the perplexing interference from a rebel – an unearthly soul who takes great interest in both she and the boy and who relentlessly seeks to capture their affection.

As Matthew’s world spins throughout the cosmos, his mother’s world churns at his bedside while she awaits an unknowing outcome.

Who overcomes?

Who ends up cursed forever?

The Gatekeeper’s Descendants is an easy-to-read, inspirational fantasy. The story weaves together adventure in the afterlife with growing faith and family drama.

The Gatekeeper's Descendant makes The Word Guild Short List

The Word Guild, a Canadian Association of Christian Writers, announced that Johanna Frank's The Gatekeeper's Descendant made the short list for a 2021 Word Award.

The final winners will be announced in late September 2021.

Details at: the