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R. Virgil Walsh
The Gathering

‘Lazarus’ Kail begins his day trekking through hostile lands. He has 600+ years of sorrow, anger, and despair fueling his desire to return to his haven, tucked away from evil reach of the immortal emperor, Gideon I.

The journey was not easy coming back into the Hartisian Empire. Despite his best efforts, he finds himself again on the run, and an unwilling participant in the prophetic vision of the Old Man.

The Prophecy tells of Seven souls born into the world that will unite the peoples of Earth, and restore Humanity to its former glory.  A fairy tale had always been Kail’s thought.

Now, again on the run, the fairy tale begins to come to life, and he must wrestle with what he has lived against what he believes.

The time of The Gathering has begun.

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