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The Gift of Inspirations
We are all born with a unique gift. Humanity needs you to find yours, now more than ever. Ocean Eagle discovered that when inspiration happens, a new beacon of light shines within, and his “True Self” is called back home to M.E. . . . My Essence! We are all meant for great things, and that includes You! As you travel along this journey with Ocean Eagle, you might find yourself searching within for that teacher, friend, parent, child, relative, spiritual guide, or mentor who said something that you never forgot. Turn inward and ask yourself . . . Why does that word or phrase inspire me to create change in my way of thinking and in my life? Ocean Eagle began this life in the illusion of a three-dimensional existence. As he awakened to the Universal Frequency Matrix of his Higher Self, he discovered that there were guides helping him along the way. He learned that the spoken word has incredible strength and power to alter a person’s trajectory in life. When Ocean Eagle looked back through the years, he realized there were many moments when words sparked profound insight. Here, he shares the gift of inspiration to guide you on your journey back home to You.