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The Gift of the Seer

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

The Gift of the Seer is the conclusion to the adventure begun in The Spirit Keeper (Plume 2013) when seventeen-year-old Katie O'Toole was rescued from a 1747 frontier massacre in Pennsylvania only to find herself chosen as the "Spirit Keeper" of a dying Indian Seer. She hesitated to accept this mysterious obligation until she fell in love with the Seer's bodyguard, an Indian man she called Hector. In The Gift of the Seer, Katie and Hector finally arrive at Hector's village, where Katie must continue to pretend to have visionary powers she does not have. Equally troubling, Katie knows the Seer expected her to prove his Vision, which foretold of infinite Invaders coming to his world, but to prove this prophecy, she must give his people the great Gift he also predicted. The only problem is that Katie has no Gift to give. When the former rival of the Seer threatens to expose Katie as a fraud, Katie finally understands that her life and the lives of all the people in her new world hang in the balance. That's when she knows she must give a Gift--she must--before it is too late.