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Mark Bonair
The God Experience
Mark Bonair, author
The God experience is as real as any human experience. It's an authentic encounter with spirit reality freely available to anyone willing to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It's a real spiritual experience connecting you to the Divine Source of all reality. The God experience is getting to know God as well as yourself. It's a mindful look at the way you perceive the people, events, and relationships in the world around you, how your thoughts and habits affect your understanding of God and spirituality, and how your beliefs shape your reality and determine what you can achieve in life. Make real contact with the Spirit of God living within your mind—the source of all life, all love, all goodness, all truth, and all beauty. Discover how to use traditional techniques of mindfulness, creative visualization, meditation, contemplation, prayer, and worship in powerful and effective ways. Make authentic contact with Divinity and spiritually transform yourself in the process.
“Putting aside all religious affiliations, 80 percent of Americans say they still believe in some notion of God or a greater spirit being," writes Bonair in this thoughtful guide to using mindfulness, meditation, and prayer to seek a true connection to the Spirit of God. While Bonair acknowledges that using the term “God” can be limiting, he aims to help those who are “spiritual but not religious” understand the divine nature of a “universal Creator” by exploring religious misconceptions and developing a fresh understanding of God’s character. That character, according to Bonair, is compassionate and gracious, the opposite of the angry and unforgiving deity often depicted in organized religion.

Readers will find this a valuable resource to quiet the noise of the physical world and tap into a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. Bonair starts by breaking down the historical representations of God, touching on the interplay between science and faith, the ancient roots of Western religion, and the barriers created by spiritual myths—and he contends those barriers should be stripped away in order to see the “human attempt to connect and identify with the spirit phase of reality” underneath. To help readers experience a “personal spiritual experience,” Bonair offers a host of meditation and self-reflection techniques that will cultivate an open mind, including positive visualizations, developing meaningful prayer habits, and a convenient nine-step spiritual problem-solving method.

Bonair’s accommodating style allows readers the grace and opportunity to grow in a way that will align with their unique spiritual beliefs, and throughout the guide he contends that spirituality is a basic human need (it’s “ironic that millions of people who openly reject religion also profess to live spiritual lives, or at least to entertain spiritual ideals” he writes). This insightful debut is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual self.

Takeaway: This perceptive guide explores God and spirituality outside the conformity of organized religion.

Great for fans of: John Bartunek’s Spiritual but Not Religious, Linda A. Mercadante’s Beliefs Without Borders.

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