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Luke McCamley
The Gods Who Want To Die
A devoted mother is torn between love of family, and loyalty to a religious cult leader whose demands become increasingly bizarre-and deadly. To all appearances, Shelly Grinstead is a happily married woman with three children. But appearances can be deceiving. There's a dark past behind her, and a greater darkness looms ahead. Shelly is a firm believer in Necrotheism, a religious cult that helps immortal gods end their lives through the ceremonial mock-deaths of cult members. The only problem is, the latest deaths aren't just ceremonial; they're real. Someone is killing those who kill the gods, and no one knows who, or what, or how to stop it. Shelly is also in love with cult leader Magnolia Blanchot, whose increasingly bizarre demands threaten to rip Shelly's family apart. The police are just as bad in their own way, blackmailing Shelly's son into playing bait for the killer. Whether that killer be god or man, Shelly's not sure. When tragedy strikes close to home, Shelly is forced to choose between loyalty and betrayal, faith and disbelief, life and death-before her tenuous grip on reality slips away....