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Funke first introduced readers to MirrorWorld in Reckless with her hero Jacob Reckless and his adventures in a fantastical and dangerous world found behind a magical mirror, which was inspired by the stories Funke grew up with: the tales collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The second novel, Fearless, played with Bluebeards, Mal de Mer and Puss in Boots, motives from the treasure trove of French tales. THE GOLDEN YARN, Jacob Reckless’s third journey behind the mirrors, heads eastward, inspired by Russian and Ukrainian fairy tales, to the hut of a Baba Yaga and the Tsar’s chambers of miracles. The golden yarn that gives this story its name is the yarn that connects lovers…forever. Whether they like it or not. Jacob Reckless has to face the consequences of a desperate moment, in which he pledged to give his firstborn child to an Alderelf. His immortal enemy calls himself Spieler and when Jacob is unwilling to repay his debt, Spieler traps both him and his brother Will in his silver net .They find themselves hunted by creatures created from Mirror glass—wearing a hundred stolen faces - and play their part in Spieler’s master plan. Yet, there is someone the Alderelf did not account for: Fox, a shapeshifting woman and vixen, Jacob’s faithful companion since he saved her from a hunter’s trap. Can she change the game? Or will Fox pay the ultimate price for the debt Jacob owes?