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Michael Stephenson
The Good News: Journey of the Unbound
The paper had been written, the word declared, yet still, some did not know of its power. On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect as law across America. Words that forever changed the nation and freed all men, women, and children from bondage. Unfortunately, not everyone honors such a declaration. Some seek to bury these life-altering words at all costs, keeping under heel anyone foolish enough to claim such power, threatening to undo them by sword or bullet. But the forces of good know no barriers that cannot be broken, nor heart that cannot be loved, nor soul that cannot be helped through hope. So sets their task. A seemingly simple mission, a force of good must embark upon expansive journey across the great southern territory currently known as the Confederacy. Entrusted with the second most important document the country has ever seen, Major Alexander Augusta recruits the wily rogue runaway Michael Free—an infamous Underground Railroad conductor—to lead him and a small band of men into the treacherous grounds of the enemy. They hope to do the most important thing anyone within the group has ever done: Deliver... The Good News.