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Karl Kristian Flores
The Goodbye Song
10 poems. 10 sonnets. 10 haikus. 10 letters. 10 scenes. 10 objects. 10 definitions. 10 directions. 10 entries. 10 recipes. The Goodbye Song is a powerful volume that “tightens your throat.” Author, Karl Kristian Flores, masterfully guides readers across a stunning collection of thought. This book is like an important adventure that carries you everywhere. In today’s world, penetrating one’s heart may not work with an axe, a shout, or a lecture, but rather a haiku, a recipe, and a dialogue. Flores gazes on the complexities of our time here on earth. Its unique form targets the depths of soul-shattering topics including but not limited to: humiliation, morality, friendship, intuition, manual labor, and loneliness. Flores’ writing is accompanied by illustrator Maya Concepción, whose imagination leaves a precise and poignant mark in each reader. From urgent fictional letters written a hundred years ago to short stories about humanity’s future, The Goodbye Song is brave, direct, and beautiful.