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Valerie Lumley
The Grand Master And His Protégé - A Memoir Of Love, Courage, Endurance And Devotion
This compelling true-life memoir spans 50 years, and is about the fulfillment of spiritual longing and the completion of karmic destiny. After a 40-year separation, life miraculously brought them back together again to experience the most enriching and meaningful chapter of their lives at a time when they needed each other the most. They saved each other in every way a person can be saved, and were the only people in their lives who could. So many of us go through life hoping to experience its deeper karmic meaning, one that manifests itself in a unique and special relationship. But rarely are our hopes and dreams realized. This story proves that if you follow your heart – with your eyes wide open – you will discover new meaning in your life beyond what you even imagined. In 1968, they saw something in each other they never saw again in another: themselves. Having both experienced horrific childhoods, at first glance they saw their own pain in each other’s eyes. While at their meeting their age differences kept them apart, their souls remained connected over the many challenging years to come. This story inspires the heart of the reader to understand that soul-to-soul agape love in all its forms and expressions is the most powerful guiding force in the universe. It is what human beings are meant to aspire to and personify. By knowing it, our lives are given a larger meaning. He was a famous baritone and she became his long awaited protégé. Their expansive sage is a most spiritually provocative and heartwarming love story for the ages. The classical music genre in which this story takes place serves as a sublime vehicle that delivers all the above, with the added bonus of shining a light on the classical arts.