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JT Bock
The Grandfather Paradox
JT Bock, author
Is it the end of the world if an UltraAgent takes a vacation—in another universe? Someone is threatening UltraAgent TimeTrap’s good vacation vibes. Her holiday plans include visiting her peace-loving grandparents who only exist in the 1960s in an alternate universe. Fortunately, she can travel to the past within the universe parallel to hers where she turns on, tunes in, and drops out of her crazy life. But TimeTrap keeps popping into the wrong era as if pushed off course. Her fellow UltraAgents are disappearing with no record of their existence. When she saves the CEO of a billion dollar defense company, things get really freaky–professionally and personally. Her universe is changing with each passing minute. She’ll need to stop whoever is messing with her world before it no longer exists.