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Sumin Lee
The Great Instructor: A Practical Guide to Promoting Adult Learners' Memory by Brain Science
Sumin Lee, author
Selected as South Korean Navy Teaching Method Book This book is for those who want to grow into a Great Instructor when teaching adult learners. Simply delivering knowledge or information can't make you a Great Instructor. That would merely be a title. So, what kind of instructor is a Great Instructor? Author Sumin Lee, a renowned expert in teaching methods in Korea and a coach for instructors, defines a Great Instructor as “someone who effectively transfers their message into the long-term memory of learners to facilitate their transformation.” This book contains Sumin Lee's lecture skills and philosophy accumulated over 25 years of teaching executives and employees of Korea's Fortune Global 500 companies - such as Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, and LG Chem etc. - Attention is all about a lecture. - Lecturing is dynamic learning communication. - Learning is the formation of new connections in the brain's neural network. - The success of a lecture depends on memory. - A lecture begins with emotions. Since its publication in Korea, this book has been recognized for its practicality and usefulness by many companies and organizations. Notably, the Korean Navy has selected it as a teaching method book for all its instructors and is utilizing it in naval education. Another reason this book is valuable is its use of storytelling techniques. Through ten lecture coaching sessions, characters in the book discover and solve their own lecture skill issues, which enhances your engagement into the book. This process allows you to feel as though you are receiving actual lecture coaching and improving your lecture skills from the author. The content of the book is not only useful for lectures. It is valuable wherever effective communication of ideas is needed, such as in presentations, negotiations, and one-on-one conversations. You will find various message delivery tools and communication methods based on brain science and psychology throughout the book, which you can use for your own growth and development easily.