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The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Volume 1
D.G. Valdron, author
Once upon a time, Doctor Who was a show in Crisis! So fans decided to started making their own. They’ve been doing it ever since... A collection of reviews and essays that chart a hidden history of fan recreations of classic Doctors, brand new Doctors, female Doctors, black Doctors, Doctors from around the world, shot from Mayan temples, to the Cutty Sark sailing ship, Roman Ampitheatres, British landmarks, scenic ruins. The stories of the Greatest Doctor Who Fan Films ever made. A unique exploration of an unexamined corner of the Doctor Who Universe. When Doctor Who first went off the air in 1985, fans began to create their own films to fill the void. The decline and cancellation of the show resulted in a wave of unauthorized productions, including a Female Doctor series, parodies and spoofs, stage plays and audio adventures, films that explored obscure corners of the Doctor Who, or that recreated the feel and style of the classic series with astonishing fidelity. Written in a breezy informative style, the book consists of a series of entertaining reviews of the greatest and most important fan films, together with a series of essays that explores the politics behind Doctor Who's crisis and cancellation, the emergence of a fan culture which supported these films, and the evolution of the technology which made them possible. This is a must read for any Doctor Who fan, young or old, interested in the hidden corners and secret spaces of their favourite show.