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Deborah Stevenson
The Green Woolen Fedora

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Nora's cherished green, woolen fedora is more than just a hat--it's her connection to her grandfather. She and her best friend, Lenny, have been saving up to see the new movie in town, but on the way to the theater, Lenny accidentally loses the hat in the wind. Nora and Lenny give chase, determined to get the hat back, but an equally determined river rat with a "finders keepers" attitude has other plans. Lenny isn't sure why the hat means so much to Nora, but he knows he must find a way to make things right. This will take some ingenuity, negotiating skills, and all his movie money. His discovery of the hat's importance to Nora brings the pair closer and reminds them both how much they mean to each other. This sentimental, friendship story explores how cherished mementos can keep loved ones close, even when we cannot be together. Inspired by the forced separation of families, and especially of grandparents from grandchildren, during the pandemic, The Green Woolen Fedora will resonate especially with children who have lost, or are apart from, a loved one.