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The Half Killed
Quenby Olson, author
Dorothea Hawes has no wish to renew contact with what lies beyond the veil. After an attempt to take her own life, she has retired into seclusion, but as the wounds on her body heal, she is drawn back into a world she wants nothing more than to avoid. She is sought out by Julian Chissick, a former man of God who wants her help in discovering who is behind the gruesome murder of a young woman. But the manner of death is all too familiar to Dorothea, and she begins to fear that something even more terrible is about to unleash itself on London. And so Dorothea risks her life and her sanity in order to save people who are oblivious to the threat that hovers over them. It is a task that forces her into a confrontation with her own lurid past, and tests her ability to shape events frighteningly beyond her control.
Josiah Bancroft, author of Senlin Ascends

If you’re looking for enviable prose and a smoldering plot set in steamy Victorian London, and you enjoy supernatural mysteries with a touch of romance and a splash of blood, I’d highly recommend this book to you! The scenes are so visceral and eerie, the effect is at times almost claustrophobic, a testament to Olson’s carefully crafted prose. Prepare to be transported by The Half Killed!

K.S. Villoso, author of The Wolf of Oren-yaro

As a writer, this is one of those books that can make me jealous with the author's ability to paint such a clear picture with words, and I don't say that lightly.

Off The TBR

The Half Killed will seduce you. It will whisper and draw you gently into its pages. Before you know it you're in its clutches. This isn't a wonton sexual seduction, all about the eyes and desire. No, this is the kind that entices your mind, playing on your emotions of safety and fear, telling you its going to be all-right while you know for a certainty something evil lurks around the corner but you can't help but trust and follow into the shadows. It is a dark, intimate, and immersive Victorian horror story that will keep you turning pages.