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The Hated
walter marks, author
“The Hated” is the third book in the Detective Jericho series. Jericho is an NYPD detective who, after years in violent and crime-ridden East Harlem, transfers from El Barrio to the peaceful quietude of East Hampton. Only, of course it doesn’t turn out to be all that peaceful and quiet. He finds that in this playground of the rich and famous, there is an underbelly of criminal behavior — murder, violence, corruption, and perversion. Jericho is introduced in the earlier book “Death Hampton” which was followed by “The Battle of Jericho.” The third in the series, “The Hated”, is now available as a Kindle Single on Amazon: A dead body is discovered sitting on a lifeguard chair at Indian Wells beach. Across the victim’s forehead, scrawled with a felt pen, are the numbers 6-8-8-6. This mysterious clue leads Detective Jericho into the subculture of Hate, where violent crimes are committed with impunity, vicious gangs and secret organizations flourish, and disloyalty is punished by death. Has the murdered man fallen victim to these racist hate mongers? Or is something even more sinister at work? As in all Jericho books, the reader should be prepared for a shocking end.