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John Mauldin
The Hathaway Equation
Like an X-ray, The Hathaway Equation penetrates taboos and mores that blockade progress. It is a proclamation from a pioneer and pathfinder--a message dreamt of only by a visionary who arrives from nowhere in times of peril to show us the way home. A generous gift to all people of every race and tongue, from the highest to the very lowest stations of life, it is an elegant yet simple message. Once read, answers to perplexing riddles about the ecosystem are apparent, whereas before, they may have been invisible to the unawakened mind. Of course, most revealing is an efficient "plan to halt and reverse ecological collapse." Here we find an archway to a new epoch wherein the architectural concepts of our cities evolve from a tangled morass of the inanimate, in which we feel a lifeless alienation, to workplaces and homes of thriving life. Within this new realm, transportation systems no longer entomb forest, field, meadow, river, and stream. Yet travel is profoundly safer, faster, more efficient, cleaner, attuned to nature, and even relaxing. All this while creating an economic bonanza. What is more, The Hathaway Equation unites those who debate climate change and global warming against a single foe, for both are ecological symptoms of a more ominous issue, which few people are discussing. Perhaps, this is why no plan prevails to address this glaring existential threat. And so many people have accepted the demise of Earth as their fate. Hathaway has a compellingly different vision. He has created an elegant plan to halt the global destruction of the flora and fauna while restoring them to their organic norm. After reading The Hathaway Equation, you will agree that it is feasible, transparent, and imperative. It may be the lifestyle of the twenty-second century. But we must begin implementing it now. So, Hardcastle Publishing cordially invites you to read and enjoy this urgent message today.