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J. Wint
Author, Illustrator
The Heliographi Memoirs: Book Three of the Skylight Series
Jason Wint, author

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

The hunt for the Heliographi Memoirs begins… When word of the memoirs discovery is leaked, every faction in the Skylight System gears up to join the search. Some say Albright’s memoirs hold enlightenment, inspiration, and the power to heal. Others believe they are blueprints to construct a weapon of unimaginable power. But the Lucem are growing evermore isolated, now that their longtime ally, the Agency, has labeled them an outlaw group, and they are forced into hiding. To add insult to injury, the Agency has joined forces with the wealthy widow, Lybra Howling and her army of mercenaries, while the Atrum are still in league with the Tetrahedron marauders. With tensions on a knife’s edge, one false move could spark a system-wide war. Stakes are high as everyone competes to collect the legendary memoirs. Whoever possesses all nine will hold sway over the entire Skylight System. In the end, the Lucem are faced with a decision that will determine the fate of the human race. In this third installment of the Skylight Series, alliances are made, promises are broken, and no one can be trusted. Join the Lucem in a quest to uncover their heritage, survive the Atrum, and protect Skylight along the way.