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Eric Demaree
The Hidden Evils of the Biligramite Cult
Eric Demaree, author
This brain-renovating book reveals that a revival of “Jeffersonian reason” and Biblical understanding will expose America’s cultural deformations. It goes on to explain that true religion, which arises from the human conscience, equals mercy. Heart-warmingly, it announces that spiritual joy is the pathfinder for what we ought to do! It also exposes the hypocrisy in “traditional religions” as everything that trivializes mercy. It contains the only published ideological counterweight to religious terrorism! In addition, it gives an unshakable philosophical explanation about where belief in God has come from—our seriously taken sense of “wrong.” This book goes on to deliver the needed antivenin for everyone who has been victimized by “bad religion.” Furthermore, everyone who wants to know more about spiritual joy, about the Bible or about how we can defeat religious terrorism will be thrilled by this book. America will not advance unless we become crystal clear about the differences between true religion and its powerful counterfeits.