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Terri Lorah
The Hideaway Equinox
Terri Lorah, author

As the Summer ends and Fall takes over Hideaway Lake, Tiffany Quinn returns to her family cottage, a place of solace and rest. She's there to make one of the most important decisions of her life when she meets a troubled young woman that needs a helping hand. Can she make a difference in someone else's life when hers is such a wreck?

The moment she turns 18, Autumn Monroe leaves a terrible situation at the foster home where she lived. Alone and homeless, she finds a spark of hope when she meets Tiffany. But will their friendship last or just be another major disappointment in her life?

Devin Hayes struggles to fit in at Hideaway Lake after taking over as Chief of Police. When he picks up a dumpster diving teenager, an old high school friend comes to the girl's rescue. His tough love attitude clashes with hers while sparks fly between them again. Was coming back to this lakeside town a huge mistake?

Heartwarming women's fiction continuing series:
The Hideaway series includes:

The Hideaway Inn

The Hideaway Cafe

Christmas at Hideaway Lake

The Winter Retreat

The Sisters of Summer

The Healing Cottage

The Hideaway Equinox

Emotional story that will grab your heart!

-5 star Amazon Review

This is part of a series but can read it without reading the others. ( I did)

This story is very emotional and you don’t want to put it down until you finish it. A run away thinking she doesn’t belong and is worthless, but a couple of people see through her tough exterior. … and another couple can they put the past away? And can she overcome her first husbands trauma?
This is written so well you will feel like you’re right there in the hospital room, sitting in a chair by the lake, listening to the guitar, you are part of this book. Have the tissues handy at the end. You’ll love this.