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THE HOOK: After three years away, Dana, a globe-trotting journalist, reluctantly returns to her foggy coastal hometown, Half Moon Bay. She’s been running away all of her adult life, from the mental illness and chaos that defined her childhood. Now her junkie brother, a former surf star, is tangled up with a brutal meth dealer and he’s in the hospital. Dana and Shane bonded over surfing as teenagers, frequenting local breaks, including THE HOOK, to escape their violent and damaged family. Dana’s father and brother walked away from Shane years ago, unwilling to deal with his volatility and drug use. But she just won’t give up on him. As Dana turns to her friends and the tight-knit surfing community for help she confronts her brother’s illegal activities and nearly homeless existence. But that’s just the beginning … a drug kingpin is chasing Shane and then Dana, the FBI are involved, a gang war is building, and a new family crisis is brewing. Meanwhile Dana’s gut-wrenching and frightening journey forces her to face her ruinous childhood, her inability to sustain relationships and her struggle to move on with her life.
Bruce Topp, professional surf photographer

"In the novel THE HOOK author Kathleen Doler adeptly combines her passion for the ocean with considerable insight into complex family dynamics, addiction and recovery, and even law enforcement. The descriptions are detailed yet accessible and lend authority to an engaging saga of life on the edge. The story reminded me of a big wave with a very steep drop; the outcome is uncertain until the ride is over." Bruce Topp, retired HR manager, former police officer and professional surf photographer whose images have appeared in many publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, Santa Cruz Sentinel and Standup Journal.